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Education Technology State Grants

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

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How to apply...

Application Procedure:

States have two options for applying for funds under this program. Option 1: An SEA may submit an individual program application that includes a new or updated statewide long-range strategic educational technology plan that considers the educational technology needs of LEAs in the State, and an application that addresses the following topics: 1) strategies for improving academic achievement; 2) goals using advanced technology to improve student academic achievement, aligned with challenging State standards; 3) steps to increase accessibility to technology; 4) accountability measures; 5) innovative instruction delivery strategies; 6) an assurance that financial resources provided under the Ed Tech program will supplement, and not supplant, State and local funds; 7) professional and curricular development; 8) a description of how the SEA will provide technical assistance to applicants seeking Ed Tech funds; 9) a description of technology resources and systems that the State will provide; 10)strategies for financing technology; 11) strategies for parental involvement; 12) competitive grant process description; 13) integration of technology with curricula and instruction; 14) teacher incentives; and 14) a description of how public and private entities will participate in the implementation and support of the plan. Option 2: States may apply for funds through a consolidated application, as provided for in ESEA Sec. 9301. Through a consolidated application, a State will not submit all of the information required for individual Ed Tech applications, but will submit only "descriptions, information, assurances, . . . and other materials that are absolutely necessary for the consideration of the consolidated State plan or consolidated State application" (ESEA Section 9302(b)(3)). The specific information that an SEA must include in a consolidated application that incorporates the Ed Tech program was detailed in the consolidated State application documents the Department published March 22, 2002 in the Federal Register.

Note: Each program will indicate whether applications are to be submitted to the Federal headquarters, regional or local office, or to a State or local government office.

Award Procedure:

Not available.

Note: Grant payments may be made by a letter of credit, advance by Treasury check, or reimbursement by Treasury check. Awards may be made by the headquarters office directly to the applicant, an agency field office, a regional office, or by an authorized county office. The assistance may pass through the initial applicant for further distribution by intermediate level applicants to groups or individuals in the private sector.